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When I think of my boys

I think happiness and joys

In abundance

Lullabies and sleepy times

Storybooks and nursery rhymes

Soft, soft hair and warm sweet skin

Love that only a mother is in

Hours spent playing and learning and growing

Watching the years pass and not really knowing

That what I had then I could never replace

My own piece of heaven in each little face

How I long now to hold them again

My three little boys have grown into men

All clever and handsome and good and kind

A better family no-one could find

But I still miss my babies and always will

There’s a hole in my heart that nothing could fill

I do have my memories sharp still and clear

I just close my eyes and they all re-appear

Blonde hair with blue eyes and dimples each side

Black hair with brown eyes a pixie I spied

Blonde hair with brown eyes and a smile that could melt

Nothing could better the pride that I felt

Tottering steps and cheeky smiles

If joy could be measured it would go on for miles

What can I say; I was blessed with these three

I don’t need to find heaven I’ve been there you see

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I want to see my mother’s eyes of blue

I want to see some happy memories too

But though I try and try with all my might

all I ever see is red and white

I want to smell the hops and see the green

I want to conjure up what childhoods mean

but every time I shut my eyes up tight

all I ever see is red and white

How long will it be before I see

some pictures that will bring relief to me

How long before my heart will let it go

and set me free to let my feelings flow

Oh how I wish I could erase that sight

Of blood, blood red and pure cotton white

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